Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Challenge #48: Creative Resolutions for 2012 Challenge!

The Challenge: Whenever the New Year rolls around, we tend to do a little self-evaluation and decide what we want to do differently in the year to come. For the challenge this week, we want you to think about your CREATIVE resolutions and record them in some way. Do you want to stretch your creativity in new ways? Maybe you want to try a new hobby or learn something new. Maybe you want to simplify. Whatever it is, get those goals down on paper!

The Cricut cartridges have so many cuts and it always amazes me there are so many I didn't know existed. I'll see a project on the MB and when the person lists the carts used, I usually have them and was clueless. I decided to make a notebook to keep on my craft table to refer to when I am searching for a new idea. I know I could use the computer, but this will be tailored to my needs and I can quickly flip through it. January is a quiet craft month for me, so my goal is to collect all my notes, and to go through the handbooks, to list cartridges in different categories. There is plenty of room in my notebook to add more categories. Also, I have made a pocket to keep notes until I can categorize them. Cartridges: Simply Charmed (Notes), Sophie, (butterfly), From My Kitchen, (tabs). The Cuttlebug folder was in Swag bags from the Utah Swarm.


  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the font work that you did with this! The papers are so pretty and the colors just go perfectly! Another Diane Masterpiece!

  2. Really pretty! Love the font! Is the cover page font from one of the carts? I hadn't seen that one! but like you! there's a lot I haven't seen on all these carts! Good luck!
    (scrappin nanapuddin on mb)

  3. What a great idea and such a lovely record folder!

  4. I really like this idea. Staying organized is a big challenge, and anything that helps in that department is most welcome.