Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Challenge #58: Family Mementos Challenge!

The Challenge: Scrapbook a page with a photograph of a special family memento. In your journaling, tell the story behind your special object and include 2 Cricut image cuts. The stars and the tank are from United We Stand. This is a picture of my parents and me taken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when my dad, a WWII vet, was called back into service during the Korean War. This picture was sent to my grandparents after we arrived and the writing on the back of the picture was by my Great Grandmother. I copied and enlarged the picture, so her journaling could be part of the page, which is very special to me.


  1. Love your layout! I have to do something like this for my Grandfather ... I have a very similar pic of him ... He was a Merchant Marine in WWII ... Congrats on POTD too!

  2. Diane -

    This is a beautiful and lovely page - love your great grandmother's writing on the back of the photo. So smart to have copied it and included it on your page. Great!

  3. Very nice page. Love the handwritten journaling that you incorporated into the page. It does prove true that it is important to add our handwriting to our pages even if we don't love it. Thanks for sharing.
    Jami Larson
    Cricut Farmer

  4. Your page is fabulous! Congrats on winning the challenge!

  5. This is a fantastic project!! I love the photo and I love how you picked colors and accents that worked perfectly with it! Congrats on the challenge!

  6. Oh, this layout is just perfect! Great photo, the inclusion of your grandmother's hand written note is wonderful and terrific colors. Congrats on winning the challenge too (but that really is just the icing on the cake).